University of Nairobi Press [UONP] welcomes you to this site. UONP publishes fine academic and educational writings from around the world, and in particular from Kenya. As a unit within the University of Nairobi, its objective is to be a leading scholarly publisher who will insist in furthering the University's objective of advancing knowledge, education, learning and research.

UONP is not just a leading scholarly publisher within its region; it is the oldest university press in Kenya, with a sizeable backlist and enjoys a pool of eminent authors from the university's staff and researchers.

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ISBN : dsads

Price KShs : 3231.00
Price US $ : 432.00

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Price KShs : 0.00
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ISBN : sss

Price KShs : 3333.00
Price US $ : 444.00

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Price KShs 3231.00

Price US $ 432.00

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