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University of Nairobi Press (UONP) is a semi-autonomous publishing house owned by the University of Nairobi. It serves the three paramount functions of a university, namely: teaching, research and dissemination of results of scholarly inquiry. Publishing is a primary means of dissemination. A university press is therefore crucial in the realisation of the functions of a university, hence the University of Nairobi Press.

As an effective agent for the dissemination of research findings and communication of scholarly knowledge, UONP draws majority of its authors from among scholars in the universities and research institutions world wide.

The Publications

It is generally understood that one of the constraints in implementing academic programmes in developing countries is the deficiency of teaching, learning and leisure reading materials at the tertiary level of education. Many books and other materials at this level are imported, thereby eating into scarce foreign exchange. Besides, many of these imported materials are not relevant to local needs.

UONP publishing programme includes all academic disciplines. Since becoming fully operational in 1990, UONP has to date over 50 titles to its credit with many more in the pipeline. It blazes the trail in scholarly and tertiary level publishing in Kenya and the East African region. The UONP has also started publishing text books for secondary and primary schools.

Quality of product is the main driving force at UONP. All manuscripts intended for publication undergo a rigorous quality control process by the Editorial Board and independent reviewers derived from subject authorities. This places UONP books high up in the international scholarly ladder. The drive for quality products saw one of UONP's titles Kiswahili: Past, Present and Future Horizons by Rocha Chimerah selected as one of Africa's 100 best books of the 20th Century. This is the only book from among indigenous publishers in Kenya that found its way into this prestigious list.



University of Nairobi Press is a member of African Books Collective (ABC), which is the official distributor for European and North American regions. Orders from these regions should be forwarded to ABC at the following address:

African Books Collective, Unit 13, Kings Meadow, Ferry Hinksey Road, Oxford OX2 ODP, UK

Tel: (0865) 726686 Fax: (0865) 793298

Web Address: www.africanbookscollective.com


University of Michigan Press. Web Address: www.press.umich.edu

Buyers within Kenya, East Africa region and the rest of the world may source directly from the Publisher or:

Other Services by UONP

UONP offers the following services at reasonable rates

  • Editorial Services
  • Typesetting
  • Designing publications
  • Laser printing
  • Bulk photocopying.

For more information about these services, contact

The Managing Editor, Tel: +254-2-2222235/318262, Cell: +254-0726610570/0733201010


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